An active community of RxCoup chart editors works to constantly improve and update RxCoup’s pharma cogenetic charts. That's why they're the first to reflect changes happening with your meds, constantly improving efficacy for everyone.
With community-edited pharma cogenetic dashboards by drug, you won't be taken by surpise
Amaze users with Medicine Efficacy Reviews done by Community via collaborative creation/consumption
How We Serve: Organize users/harness crowd power in slashing Rx costs + adhering + sharing Rx data

Nothing can beat real people working together, Imagine 157 million patients taking 24,000 different meds, working together towards a common goal: to slash Rx costs and get everyone the best efficacy information on Rx adherence rates, response, and side effects, every day. Beta "Efficacy and Affordable Meds, Together"
“ Get the best Rx efficacy reviews and deep discounts with real-time help from other patients ™”
What We Do: Cloud Based Mobile RxCoupons + Crowdsourced Rx Data App Built by/for an Online Community
Source: Forbes May 23, 2013
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Meds are more than just pills you take!
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Get alerted (before you take meds) about adherence rates, drug response, or side effects, and find a matching coupon, all shared by other patients in real time. It's like a personal heads-up from a few million of your friends.
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RxCoup is the world's largest and fastest-growing online community-based Rx coupon and efficacy review app. Join other patients in your area who share real-time Rx efficacy reviews and coupons, giving everyone better health, and saving everyone time and money in their daily lives.

Instead of patients feeling that healthcare procedures are done TO them (poking, prodding, sampling, measuring, scripting, processing, etc..), RxCoup positions patients to work collaboratively WITH providers to drive better outcomes through patient understanding, ownership, and data interaction in their own health.
Goal: Increased Access to Safe Meds by bringing Net Out-of-Pocket Costs within Reach of Generics. Rx Coupons + Real-Time Peer-to-Peer Rx Efficacy Reviews + Learning Tools to Improve the Daily Health of Everyone.

We help patients focus on getting healthier, avoiding the hassle of unsafe Rx, lack of affordability and bad retail experiences.
Disrupt data barriers, empower users to take ownership in their own health
Save on Rx meds, every time
Find co-pay coupons, Rx response, and side effects, at home, the doctor’s office, or the pharmacy, all powered by community-shared Rx data. By working together to report Rx data and adhering to meds, RxCoup users can always save money.
“HIPAA Compliant for Privacy”.
“What is RxCoup?”
      (Formerly Friendcoup)
“What does all of this mean?”
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Savings & Better Rx Management
Experts recommend that people on Rx track their symptoms, triggers and use of medications. The RxCoup mobile application can help you learn more about and better manage your prescriptions.
Remote Monitoring and Management
Healthcare providers who remotely monitor symptoms and the use of medications by their patients can identify those in need of additional attention, and help them achieve better health control.
Reduced Costs& Improved Quality
50% of Americans use Rx, spending $860 Billion/year. As retail Rx copays increased 108% from 2005-2013 (10% annually), many find themselves choosing between food and healthcare. Improved Rx cost control and remote Provider monitoring/intervention dramatically reduces costs by eliminating unnecessary hospitalizations, office visits, and needless redundant treatments
Pharma Brands
Recapture Sales s& Build Pipeline
Unprecedented patent cliff places $250 Billion/year ( or 1/3rd of industry sales) at risk. An average of 70% of sales are wiped out in the 12 months following loss of exclusivity (LOE). In addition, development pipelines are at an historical low . The combination points to prolonged sales decline for years to come as pharma brands face massive net development deficits (dwindling revenues associated with patent expired brands, less replacement revenue from thin pipelines), challenging regulatory environments, talent losses.   
Case Studies by Professionals
Case Studies
Caste Studies by Professionals that are easy to understand why RxCoup is the right decision for you.
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