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Groundswell of Criticism re: Efficacy of Generics
The U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently (October 2012) for the first time in its history withdrew its approval of a previously approved generic on the grounds that the generic is not “bio-equivalent” ( ).

According to the FDA’s definition of “bio-equivalent  “A generic's maximum concentration of active ingredient in the blood must not fall more than 20% below or 25% above that of the brand name.”
(See Case Studies 1, 2, 3 and 4)
This means a potential range of 45%; yet generics labeled same as brands

Negative Health Outcomes associated w/ Overly Broad 45% Range include:

     • Cmax and Tmax/Blood Absorption Rates and Bio-availability go unreported, unenforced by FDA

     • Unpredictable Swings in Experienced Drug Metabolism

     • Previously Unreported Side Effects (Nausea, Vomiting, Endocrine function disruption, etc.)

     • Triggers both Unnecessary Office Visits + Needless Duplication of Treatment

     • Lack of Foreign Generic Manufacturing Controls Underscore Patient Safety Concerns   
Recapture Sales....
Due to an unprecedented patent cliff, on average brands lose 70% of sales to generics in the 12 months immediately proceeding loss of exclusivity (LOE). Lost sales of $250 Billion/year to generics  come at a time when the medicine efficacy of generics are being called into question by scientists and healthcare Providers.
RxCoup gives brands an opportunity to use mobile Rx co-pay coupons to immediately lower patients’upfront out-of-pocket costs to within range of the price of generics, while maintaining the medicine efficacy/safety of the original brand formula.  (See Case Study 6)
• Use Coupons vs. Losing $250 Billion/yr  to
  Unprecedented Patent Cliff

• Adherence Targeting (i.e., predicting when
  patients are about to drop off meds, optimal
  coupon delivery)

• Gamification:Reward Patients w/Scaled
  Discounts for Adherence + Data (response +
  side FX)

• Nudges/Pill Reminder Notifications +
  Incentives Improve Adherence by 78% after
  just 30 days
Source: 2009 study 2,500 participants
   • Pharma Cogenetics Demonstrate Rx Outcomes + Cost Effectiveness to Payers & Providers

   • Expands Discovery Points/Personalization/Profitable Sales

   • Expands Access/Redemption Opportunities

   • Expands Cross-Sell/Up-Sell Opportunities

   • RxCoup Ad Suite (Programmatic Media Buys that Recapture Sales + Build Pharma Pipeline)

   • Expands Cross-Sell/Up-Sell Opportunities
   • RxCoup Ad Suite (Media Buys that Recapture Sales + Build Pharma Pipeline)
   • Free RxCoup Listing (Coupon Redemption Commissions apply)

   • Sponsored Coupon “Ad Words”

   • Adherence Notification Messages

   • Additional Media Buys include White Label License, Mobile Branding Ads, Portal Banner Ads

   • Implication: Better Engagement, More Impressions, Incremental Brand Profit
Drug Discovery/Build Pipeline
Building pipeline with precision, speed, resource efficiency and profitably
Response + Immune Profiling, accelerating development of personalized meds
Personalized medicine is the use of genomic information - in addition to family history, lifestyle, and environmental factors - to customize health management. By combining genomic and clinical information, more accurate predictions can be made about a person’s susceptibility of developing disease, the course of disease, and response to treatment.
(See Case Studies 4 and 5)
• Pharma Grade Bio-Informatics: Pharma Cogenetic 
  Response => Personalized Meds

• It’s not about terabytes, it’s about insights

• Proprietary data modeling identifies patterns based on  2 level
  invariance: Coordinate (i.e., 360 degree data rotation) &
  Deformation (i.e., data shaping/squashing)

• Proprietary 3-D presentation layer de-mystifies “Big-Data”;
  simplifies pattern recognition /anomaly detection, quickly
  transforms data-to-insight-to-value

• Correlates user response & side effects in context of genetics and adherence rates, with early clues signaling

• Enables Response + Immune Profiling, accelerating development of personalized meds

• Improves medicine efficacy, development timeframes at a fraction of EMR costs
Direct-to-Consumer Engagement in Path-to-Purchase